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KOEI/TAMA co. ind. ventures int. is a creator, distributor, licensing-party, and publisher of interactive-”audio” downloads and streams, primarily marketed for 'current'-generation console and handheld devices as well as song/music play-providers across the globe.

Both KUNEO KOEI & TAKEO TAMA offer a variety of sound-titles spanning many genres and styles including (but not limited to) classical, electro, pop/rock, and 8/16-bit (a.k.a. chiptune).

All catalogs are available where downloading/streaming is provided and are ready to license in film, television, video-games and similar productions.

Virtually all creations and contributions via KOEI/TAMA, (its affiliates), [and subsidiaries] are assigned to one administrator (i.e. copyright-PA, song-writer) and one holder (i.e. copyright-SR, publishing-party).

All sound-recordings are YouTube ready! Just use the tracks you want in your videos and upload!!

KOEI/TAMA™ establishes a consolidation for all KUNEO KOEI™ & TAKEO TAMA™ collaborations, licenses, and future creative-efforts held jointly, herein, with some portions syndicated via the AUDIO GAMBLER™ labeling.

For all business (i.e. marketing) inquiries such as advertising, endorsement, or sponsorship, as well as public-relations; please contact directly, thank-you...

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  • L.L.T.O.M.S.P.
  • Sekrett Scilensce
  • https://files.fm/pa/webmap/takeotama.com/mp3/ss-lltomsp-clip-1.mp3
  • https://files.fm/pa/webmap/takeotama.com/ogg/ss-lltomsp-clip-1.ogg
  • Find Me
  • Katlina Kliewer
  • https://files.fm/pa/webmap/takeotama.com/mp3/kk-find-me-clip-1.mp3
  • https://files.fm/pa/webmap/takeotama.com/ogg/kk-find-me-lltomsp-clip-1.ogg
  • The Russian Warehouse
  • Takeo Tama
  • https://files.fm/pa/webmap/takeotama.com/mp3/ss-rc-l2-clip-1.mp3
  • https://files.fm/pa/webmap/takeotama.com/ogg/ss-rc-l2-clip-1.ogg